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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another day, another bug....

So I've been testing Maya2012 to see if it's ready to push out to the studio and found a couple of killer bugs.

#Bug:CharacterSets and GraphEditor
The first is a true show-stopper. If you have any node linked to characterSets, the graphEditor fails to show you your animation curves for the transform correctly. No stacked view, no curves unless you select each channel separately. No 'F' frame-all. Nothing. Kind of stops us in our tracks seeing as all our Rigs link via a characterSet. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next HotFix.

#Bug: HumanIK setAttr/channelBox/callback
So let's say you have a HumanIK Rig in 2012 and you move one of the IK effectors, now you'll see the callback where the rig only updates on mouse release, this is a limitation they put in for performance reasons apparently. But crutially if you try and do anything under the hood, or even changing data in the channelBox, this call back prevents any of the attributes from being modified. Seriously try it, grab an IK effector on the HIK Rig and just try changing a value in the channelBox....ooops!

So let's say you were trying to setAttr in code, the only way to do this is to wrap the call in context that Maya is internally calling... and this is selection sensitive too.

select the control....
hikManipStart(1,1); //(trans,rots)
do something.......

Not a good day for 2012.. coffee!


  1. Ug and really, how uses characters sets or the graph editor any more? HAHAH

  2. or HumanIK for that matter... in fact, lets just go back to pen and paper, damn sight more reliable!

  3. Actually the code above isn't quite right. You can do iut in a much better manner by:
    Nodes=['all my nodes I want to alter']
    for node in Nodes:
    do something.......

    this way you only Shake and Update the rig after you've done what you need to do with all the nodes