Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost Animation - part?? 3 ??

So this stupid bloody bug is still showing up in Maya, animation reloading in T-pose, all the animCurves still in the scene but Maya failing to reconnect the data on file load.

We've debugged this so many times in the last 10years I've lost count and yet it still pops up. So I've added more in-depth support for the fix methods in the Red9 Studio Pack.

There's now a new UI that opens up, this has 2 base methods.

Method 1: You're running character sets and referencing, Maya has failed to connect the data up BUT left the animCurves connected to the ReferenceNode.

Method 2: Maya has had a full blown fuck fest and left you with no hint to what data goes where. This method uses the names of the selected objects, and their animatable channels, then looks for all animCurves that may match.

Two flags, StripNamespaces.... does just that, removes the namespaces of the node before doing the curve match (curves are usually in root namespace). StripMergedLayerData, allows for the additional 'Merged_Layer_inputB' naming that animLayers use.

Hopefully that'll save somebodies life, I've had so many emails over these fixes over the last few years it's ridiculous