Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another Maya Bug - Resample curve major issues

Hopefully you've all seen the new interactive curve filtering I've been working on for the Red9 StudioPack linked above, if not I recommend you watch it if you're ever dealing with dense MoCap data.

Anyway as I was doing this I noticed another bug in the way Maya is managing curve data, thought I had to share this to warn all you animators of the effect of using the 'resampleCurve' to run a bake on dense data.

Ignore the UI, this is a prototype of a new build which will manage filtering on steps, something that's been requested by a few people. What you're seeing here is just the slider pumping values directly into the standard Maya Resample Curve option....what the way the curve shifts in time as you increase the steps!!!!!!

Don't believe me, try it!

I've logged this as a bug so we'll have to see what happens.