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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And as if by magic! - Hotfix2

Fix list:
* Goal issue when using a straight curve
* Load render pass doesn't work when project is on network share
* Shadow artifacts occurs with large differences in object size
* Connecting luminance node to bump channel of mental ray shader causes crash
* UNC path bookmarks are not saved in new filebrowser
* Final gather map visualization not working
* Painting blendshapes problems
* Wacom tablet not working correctly in mouse mode
* dagContainer collapses at every DAG operation
* Unpredictable results referencing HIK characters
* Creating Framebuffer with a Geometry shader causes a crash
* Joint orient channels not accepting setAttr correctly
* Graph editor: cannot view multiple f‐curves on a character set
* Polysplit crash
* Metacarpal fingers not created when creating HIK control rig
* Pinning an effector is causing the pivot display to jump
* Missing manipulator handles in perspective view
* Adaptivesampling gives lower shading quality in framebuffers
* mia_material_x preset 'Satined Metal' renders differently
* Scenes with dense final gather settings may have longer render time
* Render with mental ray errors with multi‐shape polygons
* HIK: Shift+LMBdoes not allow for selection of keys on timeline if HIK in scene
* New option in move tool broken
* Human IK: Parenting Auxiliary Effectors to an object doesn't work

Thanks for the characterSet fix Cory (although not had chance to test it)

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