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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Red9 Studio Pack!

Red9 Studio Pack : 
Well time to come clean, as some of you already know I've been writing my own Studio Tools setup for Maya and thought it about time I actually put my name to it! Whats in it, god where do I start, lots of tools for Animators, Rig management, MetaData API, Pose Library and it's expanding daily as it's gradually battered more and more at work. For more details check the Red9 Blog in my links, at some point I'll merge both Vimeo channels and maybe blogs, either that or I'll leave the Red9 blog just for the pack.

They'll be a big update in the next week or two and I'm starting to do a ton of new demo videos. For those of you who've been testing the build thankyou, if anybody wants more info drop me a mail.




  1. Nice =p Congrats on coming clean. Its a nice package, reminds me of Cortex a little.

    We built a very similar system @ Nick. Look forward to swapping ideas.

  2. cheers, going to be releasing a massive update to the pack hopefully this week