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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maya 2013 Extension Pack and SP2

Well the Extension Pack to 2013 is out and available for download from the Subscription centre here:

Autodesk Extension Pack 2013

Something to be aware with this release is that its NOT binary compatible with 2013 which means all your plugins will need recompiling for it, see this post by Cyrille:

Around The Corner

Something you have to ask is....why, why have an extension pack AND an SP2 pack?? What's the difference? Well the SP2 has all the bug fixes but none of the extras like the Scene Assembly (the reason this version isn't binary compatible) so there are very different builds, but my question who needs the SP2 pack. Bear with me. So you've bought Maya within the last year which means you get support for the year so have access to the Extension pack. If you've not bought within the last year but are on support then you have access to the Extension pack. If you bought Maya last year and didn't renew your support then you wouldn't have 2013 in the first place, so who needs the SP2 pack???


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  1. ok so I stand corrected, you buy it and get Support for a year free not subs, god I with AD would simplify all of this stuff for us mere mortals!