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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bug: Duplicate Nodes with Message Links

This is a bug that we had quashed back in 2009 but we've just noticed that it reappeared in 2011 when we were debugging some really unstable animation scenes. Basically you have 2 nodes in Maya with array message links, you duplicate one node and that then generates an exponential amount of message links between the 2 original nodes. In the example below you end up with something close to 100 message links between the 2 original Cube and Cone....EEEEk! 

import pymel.core as pCore

Cone.addAttr('SampleSpace', at='message', m=True, im=False)
Cube.addAttr('SampleSpace', at='message', m=True, im=False)
pCore.connectAttr(Cone.SampleSpace,Cube.SampleSpace, na=True)

for n in range(10):


  1. Whats a few hundred between friends, your scenes still fucked.
    The fix from AD by the way is to make the destination plug im=True which stops the bug. Mind you it was fixed back in 2009 for us and it's always nice to see how old bugs come back in new builds!

  2. and it's still in all the latest builds! Only way to avoid it when using multi-messgae is with with indexMatters=True, but now you have to manage that in all your code. Come on AD, this has been bugged for 5years now, fixed in 2009 or was that 2010 and now back in all current builds.