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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bug: Duplicate Nodes with Message Links

This is a bug that we had quashed back in 2009 but we've just noticed that it reappeared in 2011 when we were debugging some really unstable animation scenes. Basically you have 2 nodes in Maya with array message links, you duplicate one node and that then generates an exponential amount of message links between the 2 original nodes. In the example below you end up with something close to 100 message links between the 2 original Cube and Cone....EEEEk! 

import pymel.core as pCore

Cone.addAttr('SampleSpace', at='message', m=True, im=False)
Cube.addAttr('SampleSpace', at='message', m=True, im=False)
pCore.connectAttr(Cone.SampleSpace,Cube.SampleSpace, na=True)

for n in range(10):