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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Playblast issues - Frame Syncing issues with Xvid

So we thought all was good, we've moved from wrapping the FFDS encoder to using a native 64bit version of Xvid in playblasts and all is good.... or so we thought. It turns out that the default Xvid Encoder settings DO NOT maintain frame counts correctly, randomly inserting padding frames into the Avi. So if you load an avi with baked in FrameCounter from Maya into Virtual Dub and step through it you'll see the frame counters get out of sync. We're only talking 2 or 3 frames but that's enough to completely stuff facial lip sync up and cause anybody using these avi's as master guides to have problems.

The cure is simple, launch the Configure Encoder settingsUI from your Start>Programs>Xvid folder and make sure you turn OFF the B-VOP's (b-frames) under the Profiles@level>more>profile UI. All of a sudden all is in sync and happy. God damned all the time we've wasted getting these working!


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