Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maya Playblast Fixes 2 (64bit)

So all the stuff below in the previous post is still valid, but it looks like the FFDS wrapper is causing memory issues and unstability when Playblasting. So, the answer after some hunting is to use the 64 bit Xvid installer below:

Xvid 64bit codec

This then gives you XVID back as a default compression option in Maya and runs much more stable than the FFDS every did.


  1. thank you Mark, managed to get xvid as playblast codec in maya 2012 now. :)

  2. Hello, do you know if there is anyway to enable the xvid files to be viewed in quicktime, Windows XP, without having to convert them? Their website seems to only have an xvid component for Mac OS.
    (As the playblasts need to be viewable in 64bit Nuke as well, they cannot be in a native quicktime format, and xvid may be a valid alternative.)