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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maya 2011 Subscription Pack now available

Autodesk have just made the Maya2011 Subscription Advantage Pack available on the Subscription Center for download. Great another bug fix build and a few new toys to play with, then never use again.

BE WARNED: point release 2011.5
They've made this a full point release so it now makes a ...docs/maya/Maya2011.5 for your prefs. Ok, this is fine, our pipelines can easily cope with this but what they've also done is had the program install into:

\Autodesk\Maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack

Not only not following their own naming conventions, but also filling the path with WHITE SPACES! How the hell are large scale studio pipelines which need to support multiple versions of Apps meant to deal with that one in a consistent manner? We can no longer guarantee any naming conventions and that's going to make life really tough. Our pipeline installer adds a python sitecustomize.py file into the Python\lib\site-packages dir so we need to be able to find it.

Oh, and to make it even better `getApplicationVersionAsFloat` returns 2011 not 2011.5! Great, thanks guys not that really has scuppered us.

WHY... and if somebody from Autodesk uses the word "Interoperability" again to try and persuade me that moving between apps is a good idea, just because they own them all, I'm going to kill them then dance over their still burning embers!

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