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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maya Animation Layers

I've just spend the last few days moaning at the Animation Layer setups and how poor the merge functionality is in Maya. We had a cutscene here that was 4000frms of baked MoCap, 3 animLayers, which took 40 minutes to merge on a 64bit beast of a machine. I can't understand why Autodesk are running the standard Bake command when it's so slow over large timelines.

Answer, by-pass it and use Trax. Ended up writing a function that would take all the nodes in each layer and generate a clip with the animData in it. So for the above case we end up with 3 clips. Now the Trax merge is FAST. The results meant that the same bake process going via this method went from 40 minutes, to 20 secs :)

And people diss Trax! It may be a little excentric, and lacking in features, but at least it's fast and clean.


  1. Can you expand on something you said once with animLayers have Mel access bugs?

    Is there a list of these bugs? I'm trying to mute an animLayer using a variable as my argument, and it's not having it.

    Is this one of those bugs?


  2. hhm, not sure to be honest. We had all sorts of crash bugs in 2011. What are you trying to do/what calls are you making?

  3. That's an awesome idea, i'm going to have to take a look at writing something similar, we have had the exact same problem for a while now. Thanks for putting it out there.